About Me

If you like to read about me in the third person here you go!

Jeremy Osborn is a design educator based in Massachusetts. He is currently the Academic Director of Aquent Gymnasium where he has produced numerous online courses for web designers, developers and marketing professionals.

In the past, Jeremy consulted with Fortune 500 companies, created a Graphic & Interactive certificate program at Boston University, and authored several popular books and articles related to the web.

About this site

The site is authored as Markdown files which I edit in VS Code for Mac. All the pages are generated using the static site generator Hugo, hosted on Github and deployed to the world using the excellent Netlify platform.

Other features include:

  • The use of CSS Grid Layout throughout the site.
  • The use of the Walbaum typeface designed by Charles Nix, Carl Crossgrove, and Juan Villanueva.
  • Implementation of sitewide hyphenation as detailed excellently here by Richard Rutter.
  • Conversion of the site into a Progressive Web App.


If you’re interested in the deep cuts, here are a few interviews I’ve done:

The Big Web Show

I was interviewed by Jeffrey Zeldman for his award winning podcast. We chatted about design education, the state of web design and zombo.com.

This is Responsive

An interview by Justin Avery on his RWD podcast. We chatted about design education, the state of web design and zombo.com.


  • Thanks to Mike Bifulco for helping get this puppy up and running on Hugo. Mike’s an ultra-competent and super-smart developer. I only wish I was lucky enough to work with him on a daily basis. Oh wait a minute, I do!
  • Thanks to Sara Soueidan and Laura Kalbag for being amazing web citizens and publicly documenting and publishing their work. I know how much effort and time it takes to do this and you need to know it was appreciated.