Jeremy Osborn


I have written a number of books over years that I hope have allowed people to be more creative or at least to get things done quicker so they can then go and do the creative stuff!

You know, everbody's ignorant, just on different subjects. - Will Rogers

HTML5 Digital Classroom

I am the lead author for the HTML5 Digital Classroom (book and epub) published by Wiley in 2011. Contributors to the book include Adam Kinney and Todd Sellon both of whom handled some of the heavier lifting on the scripting side. The book is split into two sections;The first is a primer, of sorts, on standards-based web design with XHTML and CSS. The second section covers topics including HTML5 syntax, HTML5 forms, HTML5 video and audio, an introduction to Canvas, CSS3 styling, an introduction to CSS3 media queries, Geolocation, the Drag and Drop API and more. This structure makes the book suited for someone completely new to Web Design & Development if they start at the beginning, but experts who just want the new stuff can jump right to section 2.

Digital Classroom Dreamweaver CS4,CS5 and CS6

Dreamweaver has been popular software for creating and maintaining websites over the years and this series has been popular as well, having sold tens of thousands of copies and typically hovers in the top 3 results for a search on Dreamweaver at Amazon. The book has been successfully used as curricullum in high schools, universities and other institutes of higher learning around the world.

The series actually sprang from the creative mind of my former colleague Fred Gerantabee with Dreamweaver CS3,I then picked it up and over the years adapted it for each new version (with help from my former colleague Greg Heald).My goal for this series has always been to advance the cause of standards-based (X)HTML and CSS to the degree possible with a WSYWIG editor. Dreamweaver has had a lingering reputation for automatically writing poor code and this was warranted in the earliest versions, but over time that issue has largely disappeared.