Jeremy Osborn


People who I endorse, services that I use and sites that I recommend.

Boston Area Resources

  • The Outfit. A web firm that specializes in the use of creative technologies for the web. Formerly "" and co-founded by Johannes Booy, a former student.
  • Justin Gagne a designer and educator who was helped me on a number of projects throughout the years including helping with the development of this site.
  • Kevin KupillasA Mobile UX designer focusing on user experience, interaction and visual design.
  • Kara Langone a copy editor and designer who helped me whip parts of this site into shape with her wordsmithing skills.
  • Todd Sellon A web devloper and educator. Todd has a keen mind for scripting languages including JavaScript, PHP, Actionscript as well as many other talents I'm likely not aware of!
  • Jeff Ausura. A stalwart colleague who began as a student and then teacher's assistant at CDIA and then became a colleague at Aquent.

Boston Area New Media Resources

  • David Tamés writes on his blog about cinema, new media and more.


  • Doodle. The great scheduling web app with the goofy name. Doodle helps you schedule events with friends, family and colleagues by creating interactive polls allowing people to view a shared calendar and make decisions on the best time to meet.