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Oct 12

Stonyfield Yogurt labeling

Package design, while not my expertise, has always been of interest to me. For example, I followed for days, with fascination, the disaster that was the Tropicana orange juice redesign a few months ago. While nowhere near that level, I did find myself standing in the supermarket aisle the other day scrutinizing this new label from Stonyfield Farms. The type, imagery and colors are all very pleasant, but it took me longer than I would have liked to confirm, that this was indeed yogurt. (The container top was no help either).

Click image to enlarge.

One Response to “Stonyfield Yogurt labeling

  1. Mohammad Urooj Mirza says:

    The comment is valid but I guess the word “Plain” gives an idea that its a yogurt. For me at least it is sufficient enough.

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