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Jul 28

Paging Dr. Milwaukee Shaffer

Every so often on my way to dumping my spam filter, something catches my eye (and no, it’s not the acai berry viagra shakes, but thanks for asking). This was too good not to share: with the subject line “Next of Kin (Payment)” here was a classic 419 scam, a certain “CHAVEZ RUDENICK FLAHARTY” had left me $125 million dollars, estate in Liberia, etc. All very exciting, but what really caught my eye was the sender’s name “Dr. Milwaukee Schaffer”.

Milwaukee. . . Schaffer. Seriously, Mr. Liberian Scammer?

I’ll have you know that “Schaefer” beer was originally brewed in New York, not Milwaukee! Hah!

One Response to “Paging Dr. Milwaukee Shaffer

  1. Simón Corder says:

    Hey, I was only offered 75 million and my notification came from Sarah Bash.

    I have replied of course and I’m just waiting for them money to be paid in to my account.

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