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Oct 20

Inspection Sticker Fail

The Massachusetts DMV has a problem with red ink.( I cannot be the first person to have made this bad joke). See the picture below? On the left is a Massachusetts inspection sticker from January 2009, on the right is another Mass inspection sticker from 6 months later. Looks like someone went with the lowest bid from the printer. Wonder what law enforcement thinks of this? There must be thousands of stickers on the road with colors ranging from white to pink to red.


Update: Local Fox News did a report on this several weeks ago. Of all organizations, I can’t believe Fox didn’t go with the “red ink” – “DMV” pun. C’mon people, do I have to do your pandering for you?

One Response to “Inspection Sticker Fail

  1. dingi says:

    State’s vendor didn’t comply w/ contract requirement for the sticker to be fade/sunlight/UV resistant. State made’m print new supply w/ correct ink additive. From casual observation it looks like Jan thru Mar or April are the problem ones, by May the new non fade seem to be in service. The Black bar codes/VIN/Reg#/expiration month & year, etc. are not fading fortunately.
    Sorta like a decade or so back (maybe also longer ago too) w/ the vendor supplied cheap adhesive: the stickers would peel. NY had that problem more recently too.

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