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Sep 16

Guerrilla DV

Gather around the digital hearth children, here’s a story about a era before Youtube was a glimmer in anyone’s eye. A man ahead of his time, Jason Zada, created a site called WeeklyDv back in 2002. Each week there was a designated theme, anyone could submit a video and they would be put up for critique/comment.

There were a few “rules” to the site that were innovative then (and still would be today). In addition to following a theme, you had to shoot, edit and export the movie in 4 hours or less. I’m a firm believer in the idea of constraints enabling creativity and this was one of the reasons the concept appealed to me.
Over the lifespan of the site I made about a dozen movies, some were better then others, but I always had fun and the WeeklyDv community was a great one.

On a personal note, at this point in my life I was a stay-at-home dad with a 1 year old and the project gave me a much needed structure and creative outlet. In fact, the following clip pretty much sums it all up. Long live Guerrilla Dv!
(P.s. The video starts off severely underexposed but improves shortly!)

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