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Mar 28

In the mid 70′s and early 80′s I grew up in/around the town of Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro back then (and to a degree still does) owed much of it’s character to a mix of architectural styles (primarily Victorian) and a healthy dose of 1960′s counterculture.

I was thinking recently about how much of this atmosphere I soaked in and assumed as normal, particularly in the downtown area of Main Street. Even the store names were psychedelic, here are some of my favorites:

  • Llama, Toucan and Crow (Health food store)
  • Captain Bullfrogs (Record Store)
  • The Common Ground (Communal restaurant)
  • Mole’s Eye Cafe (Bar)
  • Candle in the Night (Oriental rug store)
  • The Upper Crust (Bakery)

I’m sure there were many more, some lost to time, some lost to my memory. A few still exist I believe.

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  1. idr says:

    i grew up in a chinatown in east l.a.
    we had a ton of restaurants. here are the names of a few….look you,double cup,delicious food corner, ok chinese food restaurant, yung ho restaurant, hot stuff cafe….

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